Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) – Australia & UAE

Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng)

Chartered Engineers

Our engineers have been awarded Chartered Engineer Status by Engineers Australia.  Professional engineers with Chartered Status enjoy recognition by government, business and the general public worldwide.

Area of Practice – Fire safety engineering

Given we offer services in the field of fire safety engineering, our engineers are registered in fire safety engineering as the specific area of practice.  An Area of Practice is a sub group of the engineering profession that practitioners align their skills and work activities with.

Fire safety engineering is multidisciplinary having substantial relationships with building services, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical, structural and civil engineering and embraces an understanding of human behaviour. It is the application of engineering principles, rules and expert judgement based on a scientific appreciation of the fire phenomenon, of the effects of fire and of the reaction and behaviour of people.

Fellows of Engineers Australia

As Fellow of the institution of Engineers Australia our engineers have been recognised as being amongst the true leaders of the industry and fire safety engineering profession.

National Engineering Register

The National Engineering Register (NER) has been created by Engineers Australia to provide a means of presenting registered engineers and their services to the public. It also provides assurance to consumers that engineers engaged from the NER meet the high standards of professionalism expected in the engineering profession.

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