Fire Safety Plan Toronto

What Is a Toronto Fire Safety Plan?

Toronto Fire Safety Plan is a building-specific set of actions to be taken during a fire emergency, as well as a compilation of fire safety resources available in the building, such as sprinklers, fire alarms, and standpipes. The fire safety plan includes contact details for the local Toronto fire department, building owner/management, electrical supply company, gas supply company, fire alarm monitoring company, and maintenance contractors. The details included in the fire safety plan will vary depending on the building size and complexity.

How To Create a Fire Safety Plan in Toronto?

A Toronto fire safety plan is created by gathering all the information that may be needed by occupants or responding fire services in the event of a fire emergency. 

What Should a Toronto Fire Safety Plan Include?

The Toronto fire safety plan should contain building floor plans noting fire safety systems within the building, fire service access information, and a list of personnel responsible for the implementation of the fire safety plan and the safe evacuation of building occupants. In addition, the fire safety plan should include a list of persons requiring assistance to evacuate.

How Much Does a Toronto Fire Safety Plan Cost?

The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the building. For a condominium or large building prices can range from $2,500 to $6,000.

Going Beyond the Fire Safety Plan

To maximize the effectiveness of a fire safety plan, it is crucial to ensure that occupants and building management are well-trained in its procedures and actively engaged in fire drills. Fire drills and fire safety training play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and preparedness of individuals in the event of a fire emergency. By participating in fire drills and receiving regular fire safety training, individuals become familiar with evacuation routes, emergency exits, and the operation of fire safety equipment such as fire alarms and extinguishers. This will
raise awareness about potential fire hazards and the importance of early detection and reporting.

At Vortex Fire, we are committed to being your trusted partner in cultivating a culture of fire safety and preparedness for your building.
Our engaging and informative training sessions, along with well coordinated fire drills, aim to create an environment where fire safety is embraced with enthusiasm and confidence.

How Can Vortex Fire Help?

Vortex Fire has a depth of experience in preparing fire safety plans for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Toronto. We take the project from information gathering, development, and final approval. The fire safety plan is provided in digital and print format to allow for ease of distribution.


Fire Safety Plans Toronto

The Ontario Fire Code requires most buildings to be provided with a fire safety plan. A fire safety plan helps to ensure the building’s occupants are prepared for any emergency and includes the following:

  • Emergency procedures for occupants
  • Compliance with Section 2.8 of the Ontario Fire Code
  • List of persons requiring assistance
  • Maintenance schedules of fire safety systems
  • Procedures for shut down of fire safety systems
  • Emergency contact details of electrical supply company
  • Emergency contact details of gas supply company
  • Emergency contact details of fire department and fire alarm monitoring company

Vortex Fire has both the educational background and the project experience to support all magnitudes of projects, from small renovations to mega projects. Let us help you with your building code and fire engineering inquiries.

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