SFPE Conference – Façade fire safety – Comparison between UAE & Australian approaches

Numerous façade fires involving combustible cladding have been reported around the world in the last five years. The unique challenges posed in terms of occupant life safety, rapid fire spread and fire brigade intervention have resulted in constant revisions of building codes around the world to mitigate rapid external fire spread via the building façade. Don’t miss our presentation on the difference in approach to façade fire safety at SFPE International Performance-based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods Conference & Expo in Auckland, New Zealand on 12 March 2020. Faimeen Shah and Dr Amer Magrabi will be comparing two vastly different approaches from UAE (prescriptive) and Australia (performance-based design) for regulatory compliance and highlight the positives and negatives of each approach with recommendations on way forward. For more information on the full conference agenda and registration, visit the SFPE website.  A copy of the presentation can be downloaded using the below link: 2020 SFPE PBD Facades Fire – V7