Katara Phase IV, Doha, Qatar

This project is located in Doha Qatar and it comprises of a Hotel Tower, Serviced Apartments Tower, Conference centre, Parking structure that interconnects all of the assets above. Luxury apartments with parking facilities and retail units on the ground, and Mosque. The Iconic Hotel concept is based on the notion of “gate”, both religiously, as it is directly aligned with Makah, and visually, as it is seen as a gate both to those arriving in Doha via the future causeway or arriving from land on the opposite side. The ensemble is devised as a set of two towers with G+29 storey that form a perfect Islamic arch yet without touching each other, one being a hotel and the other, serviced apartments.  The luxury apartments are divided into clusters and are labelled as Cluster A, Custer B, Cluster C, Cluster D, Cluster E and Cluster F. Retail units and parking areas are located in the ground level of the luxury apartment clusters.

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