River City 4, Toronto

River City 4

River City 4 (RC4) is the fourth and final phase of the award-winning, residential development, which will be located at the foot of Bayview Avenue, in the West Don Lands area of Toronto.  The new development will be 13 storeys and will provide 155 units; it will successfully engage the city, linking a public realm of pedestrian-friendly streets and parks with an architecture inspired by flow, movement, and continuity.   Vortex Fire served as the Building Code Consultant and helped prepare the Fire Safety Plan for this project.  The Fire Safety Plan required by the Ontario Fire Code incorporates emergency procedures for safe evacuation of occupants, effective utilization of building fire protection systems, instruction and guidance on other fire safety matters, and scheduled maintenance of fire protection systems.

Architects: Saucier+Perrotte / ZAS Architects 

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