Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Warden Station Revitalization – Toronto, Canada

The Warden Station redevelopment is an important part of a larger revitalization of the area at Warden and St Clair Avenues, which, when completed, will see the new Transit Hub, CreateTO mixed-income housing in the former TTC commuter parking lot, and revitalized park and public realm spaces near Taylor Massey Creek.

TTC sought to redevelop the station to create a modern station with full accessibility, create easier passenger access between subway station, PPUDO and bus terminal, and maximize the use of the property.

The project will be implemented in stages with the following improvements:

  • Two new elevators which will connect customers between the Passenger Pick Up/Drop Off area (PPUDO), concourse level and subway platform at the station.
  • Improved signage and wayfinding.
  • A station redevelopment which will involve constructing a temporary accessible bus terminal and a new permanent accessible bus terminal once completed.

 Vortex Fire Consulting is the building code consultant for the project; as a rapid transit station, OBC Section 3.13 is applicable in addition to the remainder of OBC Part 3.

Architect: Strasman Architects Inc.

Photo Credit: Strasman Architects Inc.

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