Toronto Peer Review

Toronto Peer Review

Toronto Peer Review – Alternative Solutions

Effective January 2020, City of Toronto Building Department can request a peer review of an alternative solution application be completed. Typically, a peer review is only requested for more complex alternative solutions such as timed egress analysis, fire and smoke modelling, and mass timber buildings. More common alternative solutions, such as hose connections in exit stairs for standpipe systems, would not normally require an alternative solution.

Who can complete a peer review?

The peer reviewer is required to be an independent expert qualified to give an opinion regarding the proposed alternative solution and was not involved in the preparation of the application or its supporting documentation. The peer review report is required to include a summary of the expert’s qualifications, and a copy of the expert’s curriculum vitae.

Who pays?

The cost of obtaining a peer review and a peer review report shall be borne by the applicant and shall be paid by the applicant directly to the expert carrying out the peer review.


When should I do a peer review?

Requiring a peer review is at the discretion of Toronto Building. If the alternative solution is complex, it will likely mean Toronto Building will request a peer review. To complete the peer review in a timely manner, the peer reviewer could be retained before building permit application and their report submitted with the application. This could reduce the time for approval of the alternative solution.

Can Vortex Fire Help?

Vortex Fire has completed peer reviews for many projects; our expertise at problem solving using alternative solutions is helping clients succeed in their specified project goals.

Give us a call at 416 551 8301 and we can walk you through the process OR and we can help you with your building / construction needs / alternative solutions.
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