Vortex renews IAS AC291 & ISO 17020 accreditation till 2023

Mar 17, 2022 | Dubai

We have successfully renewed our International Accreditation Service  IAS AC291 & ISO 17020 accreditation for another year for both our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices.  The scope of accreditation includes as per UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice, International Building Code (IBC), Abu Dhabi International Building Code (ADIBC), NFPA 5000, AWCI, ASTM and Vortex Inhouse Management System:

  • Through and Membrane Penetration Firestop Systems
  • Fire Resistive Joint System and Building Perimeter Fire Barriers
  • Façade and Roofing Systems
  • Fire Door Assembly
  • Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM)
  • Intumescent Fire-Resistance Coating

All field inspections are undertaken in real time with digital inspection tools for quality and uniformity as an added value to our clients.

To learn more about the benefits of digital inspections please read Vortex Fire –  Benefits of Digital Fire Inspections. 

 Our accreditation details are available on International Accreditation Service’s website.

Please contact our Dubai office or Abu Dhabi office for more information.

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